Zingiber Zerumbet

I’m guessing that is Latin.  It usually is when it comes to a plant’s formal name.

When I was playing with the Spiral Flower Die last month, I did some web surfing.  I was looking for a little visual guidance.  I had an idea that I thought was based on something I had seen at one time.  Well, I didn’t find what I thought I was looking for.  How often does that happen to you?  When that happens to me it’s at least a 50/50 chance that I will hop down what I call a “bunny trail” that takes me away from my original path but often leads to something I didn’t even know that I wanted to know.

Discovering these flowers was one such bunny trail adventure.  They’re a Ginger Flower (before blooming), that I hear is popular in flower arrangements.  I wanted to give them a try in paper, particularly since paper flowers and arrangements are “in” right now.

So here’s my arrangement of Ginger Flowers.

Ginger Flower arrangment by theartfulinker.com






I used the Spiral Flower Die.  This is truly one of my new favorite tools.  There’s so much you can create with it.  Look here, here and here for just a few ideas.  Others can be found by putting “Spiral Flower Die” in the search box in the sidebar.

My colors today are Melon Mambo and Old Olive.  You can watch this video to see how create one of these in a single color.  Adding the second color is shown in the second “here” link in the above paragraph if you’d like to see it done.  The leaves were cut freehand.

I love how this cool arrangement turned out.  Now, I just need to plan a small gathering so that I can use it.  Or hmmm, this could be a nice gift.



Go to my store to get your Spiral Flower Die. ( It’s only around for about 6 more weeks.)  Then…

Create something today,



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