Zentangle Meets My Digital Studio

Do you know zentangle?  If not, think of it as stylized doodling.  You create a variety of patterns to fill a given space that somehow work together and define the different areas all at the same time.

So, I wanted to try my hand at Zentangle.  The pictures I’ve looked at are in my view “cool”.  I figured I could doodle.  But, I don’t really draw.  That was a stopper for me for a while.  Then I had a brain flash or light bulb moment — why not do the drawing part in My Digital Studio?

After spending some time playing and thinking about what I would “draw”, I came up with the idea to create two candlesticks on a doily. Using just punches filled with white and outlining them with a black mat, I created my picture.  From there, I printed it out on a laser printer so that the ink from printing wouldn’t run once I began to add my doodles.

 Zentalge of Candlesticks on a Doily

I used a number 3 pencil as I knew there would lots of starts and restarts (it would only put down light marks) and a kneaded eraser.  Those are the gray ones that sqush (yes, it’s in the dictionary) and do a great job picking up lead from paper.  Last, I used a set of black micron pens.  They have varying degrees of fine tips and are permanent.  As I finished doodling a section and I liked the way it turned out, I inked it.

This is a really relaxing form of art.  There are few things that capture most of our attention and this is one of them.  Try it!

Then come back and leave me a comment about what you think.


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