Watercolor Wings Desert Decoration

For many of us summer is a busy time of socializing, holding gatherings at our own home or visiting with others.  Whether you’re hosting or visiting, you’re going to love today’s share.  Using Watercolor Wings, I’ve created something young or old will like.  My family loves it because it means they get dessert for the next couple of days.

I got this idea as I looked out my window at the butterflies flitting around my Butterfly Bush.  It has been a real joy for years.

Watercolor Wings Cake pick (small) from theartfulinker.com

I’m sure you’ve all seen cupcake picks.  Using the smaller butterfly image in Watercolor Wings, I stamped these butterflies and then attached them to toothpicks.

Watercolor Wings Cake pick, back, from theartfulinker.com

I used Tear and Tape to attach the butterflies to the picks.  Be sure not to remove the liner from the tape.

I also made a few large butterfly picks.

Watercolor Wings Cake Pick close up from theartfulinker.com

And studded my cake with this kaleidoscope of butterflies (had to look that up, it’s what a group of butterflies is called).

I just know that everyone will be thrilled with this easy cake presentation.  Perfect for summer entertaining.

Keep them on hand and add them to a store bought cake 😉

Watercolor Wings picks in cake - from theartfulinker.com

Now, I need a party to go to!

But judging from the sounds coming from my kitchen, the cake isn’t going to last that long.

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