Magazine File Box, How To

On Friday, I created some cards using Letterpress Winter and thought they needed a box for gifting them.  I had hoped to have the “how to” video for the box up on Saturday but the computer gods (and myself) were against me.

Unexpectedly, I spent Saturday out of town.  But, have computer will travel.  I found a coffee shop with wifi and after editing, I began the upload.  It got within 5% of finishing and my computer froze.  Had I saved the edited video?  You guessed it — nope!  So, I quickly edited and began the upload again, only to find that the coffee shop would be closing early.  I needed to get this baby uploaded.  Clicked the button and just finished the upload before the wifi was turned off for the day.  When I finally had time to check the upload — I hadn’t finished the editing.  Three times the charm as I did get it uploaded late Saturday night.  But, I had to wait until today to share as yesterday was the Creation Station blog hop.

So now that you’ve had my sad story, here’s my video “how to” for the magazine file box.

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy making these.

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