How to Leave a Comment

Leaving a comment for me on is fairly easy once you know where to look.

Find the Comment Link on

At the top of each post is the title.  Under that are the date published, my name, categories and at the end of that row of information is Comments.  Click “leave a reply”.

The next screen that will come up looks like this:

Click inside the box to beginning leaving a comment on

Click inside the box where it says “Enter your comment here”

The screen will change to:

Type and fill in the authentication details

After typing in your comment, you will need to add your name and email or choose one of the icons circled on the right to show who you are (aka not a robot).

On that screen you may also subscribe to my blog.  What that means is, you’ll get an email notification when I publish a new post.

Then click “Post Comment”

You’ll see:

Awaiting Moderation of your comment

Your name, the date and your comment along with a message that it is awaiting moderation.  That just means it won’t go live until I see it.  Since comments go to moderation, that keeps you from having to see spam that occasionally tries to sneak onto my blog.

Now that you know how,  I hope to see your comments soon!!

Sara - The Artful Inker