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So yesterday, I guess I must have been in a hurry.  I didn’t think so but, I left some things out.  I forgot to post the new Weekly Deals and the #stampingsunday product for this week and I forgot to tell the rest of the story.

Yesterday, I talked about packaging when it comes to gifts.  But, I didn’t share how I came to feeling strongly about this.

I have loved finding the right gift for the right person.  And while wrapping is not always my strong suit, one year in particular was just plain unacceptable.  The little kid in me wants to say, “I wasn’t the only one.”  As usual that doesn’t make it any better.  A couple of us were really lame.  Too embarrassing to let you know just how lame.  Okay, okay — I used plastic bags.  Don’t shoot me!

Suffice it to say that for me it was a lesson learned.  My carefully chosen gifts were not received with near the enthusiasm expected.  That was not the fault of any of those receiving the gifts.  It was mine!  I learned that taking a little time to wrap/package your gift is like taking the time to show good manners.

That said, I do look for easy ways to wrap and have things look beautiful.  After all, this gets to be a busier and busier time as we move towards the end of the year.  In steps the new Gift Card Envelope & Trims Thinlits.

Back to Black Gift Card Holder from theartfulinker.com




The Back to Black designer paper looks fabulous as a gift card holder.  I’ve only added a few simple details.




Back to Black Gift Card Holder detail from theartfulinker.com




I used the Back to Black designer paper for my creation this last Sunday.  And I had many Silver Glimmer paper hexagon pieces leftover from that creation.  They were the perfect addition along with a piece of 1/8″ Real Red ribbon.

In less than five minutes you’ve beautified your gift giving and had a little creative time.  That’s the part that I forget most often — think about the wrapping as creative time.


Back to Black Gift Card Holder with Tickets from theartfulinker.com




Be sure to be thinking outside the box or in this case the gift card holder.  Perhaps you’re giving the gift of an experience.  Those tickets will fit nicely and look lovely presented in this little number.


Now for

Weekly Deals from theartfulinker.com

Click here to check out this week’s deals.  I’m excited there are a few items that will have to make it into my supplies.

And one last item before I go today:  this week’s #stampingsunday product is gift/treat bags.  Create something using one of the bags from the catalogs or your own from designer paper.  Share it with us through your social media on Sunday, September 21.  Be sure to include #stampingsunday in your title or description so that we can find it.

Create something today,


PS:  Need a gift certificate to go in your gift card holder?  Contact me.

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