We had a lovely, busy weekend here.  Last trip to the farmers’ market for the season, a winter dance program, Chamber Strings program at the mall plus all of the usual busy-ness that is our life.  Last night after getting my ducks in a row for this evening’s Orchestra concert, I spent a little time on Facebook.  What I found was that many of my friends had been to see the new Star Wars movie over the weekend – no surprise there!  This caused inspiration to strike!  While my daughter finished up homework, I set about creating.

I really do LOVE the Curvy Keepsake Box!!!

It can be most anything!

In the last month alone, it’s been a bulldog and a ballerina

and today, it is a Stormtrooper from Star Wars.

Star Wars Stormtrooper Curvy Keepsake Box from theartfulinker.com

I just know there will be parties and presents for many Star Wars fans.

This guy will be perfect!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — get the Curvy Keepsake Box!

There are a million ideas for using it (well maybe not that many….yet)

Have a great day and “let the force be with you”

Create something today,


Edit:  By request, I have added a tutorial for the Stormtrooper Curvy Keepsake Box.

Occasions Catalog Demonstrator Retreat January 16, 2016 from theartfulinker.com

January 16

Last day for Earlybird RSVP December 21

Mini Retreat - Craft Escape - February 6, 2016

February 6 Mini Retreat

Earlybird RSVP deadline December 30


12 comments on “Stormtrooper Curvy Keepsake Box

  1. Nathalie

    Good evening, your curvy-keepsake-box Stormtrooper is wonderful.
    My young son will celebrate his 8 years, in March 2017, I would like to make these boxes for the friends of his birthday party. Would you have the kindness to send me the tutorial by mail? thank you very much

    1. Sara Levin Post author

      Nathalie, thank you! and happy upcoming birthday to your son. You can find the link to my tutorial for the stormtrooper box here – http://theartfulinker.com/tutorials/ I send the tutorial by email so that you will receive it right away.

  2. Susan G.

    Hi there love this storm trooper! Could you give me instructions on how his face was made. I love my curvy keepsake box. I would love to give them to my daughters class before school is out. Thanks

    1. Sara Levin Post author

      Susan, you’ll find a complete tutorial for the storm trooper under the Tutorials tab. Thanks for asking!

  3. Nancy Biniek

    I am trying to make your stormtrooper curvy keepsake box and I am struggling with how you did it. Could you email me written directions? My son’s birthday is coming up soon and I need to get this done. Thanks for your help. Nancy

    1. Sara Levin Post author

      Nancy ~ Thanks for asking! You’re among good company. I had time this weekend to sit down and create a tutorial. It has been posted to my tutorials page. I hope your son has a happy birthday!

  4. Sharon Newman

    Curvy Stormtrooper is fantastic. Howto would be great.

  5. Linda

    Oh Sara, how amazing!!! The Stormtrooper you have made the Curvy Keepsake Box into really has the wow factor. You are such a talented lady. I too would love it if you did a video on how to do this. But if not a video a step by step on your blog would be so much appreciated. My grandson has his 5th birthday in just over two weeks time and I would dearly love to make this for him. I can just imagine his joy. Many thanks for all inspiration Sara and finges crossed you are able to do a ‘how to for this Stormtrooper. Take care x’

  6. Mary Grauel

    Love this! I too hope you post a video or directions. My nephews would love this and I can put gift cards in it. The ballerina was also amazing. The niece has danced for years. You do amazing work.

  7. Leslie McGhee

    This is amazing. I love it and the idea of yet another way to use our Curvy Keepsake die. Love, love ,love. Would love a video as well if you are so inclined. Thanks so much

  8. Kim Innis

    How about a video on how to make this? I LOVE the Curvy Keepsake Box! Love all your creations with it!

  9. Blythe Klipple

    How could anyone not leave a comment on your Curvy Stormtrooper! Awesome! I’m going to TRY to make 4 for my three grandsons (big fans) and son (bigger fan) for our family Christmas on Saturday. What a fun fun Curvy Keepsakes creation. ~Blythe

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