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We started a tradition when my daughter was a freshman.  Every Friday night during football season she brings homemade treats to her section in the band.   Some years there has been a theme for their show that I have had lots of creative fun with.  And some weeks, I’m just happy to get the treat made and am looking to make a quick tag for each of the treats.  Either way, I have turned to My Digital Studio.  It’s easy to be creative or just quick or creative and quick.  Once I’ve designed the first one to my satisfaction, I can copy and past the multiples that I will need.  And I found out that first year, that the punches in My Digital Studio that match real life punches are the same size (unless you change them).

Yesterday afternoon I found a punch that I hadn’t used/noticed before.

Saxohpone Section Treats 1 from





The punch is called Kisses and while it is the same shape as the Artisan Label punch, it is not the same size.  Can you say layering possibilities?

But, I had no time for that yesterday.  So I created in digital layers by adding a mat and then adding a second digital punch, shrinking it slightly and adding a mat to it.

These are just a few of the bagged treats.  I stopped bagging and tagging just long enough to take two photos as it was almost time to head out the door.





Saxophone Section Treats 1 detail from




Next, I added the large E followed by a second text box with my slogan for the night.  Initially it was a little hard to read, so I changed the opacity of the E and bolded the slogan.  This created just enough contrast to make it legible.

I love the versatility of My Digital Studio which in this case allowed me to create something that looks finished/professional without too much time and effort.  I want the tags to be cute but don’t want to spend hours on them.  Let’s face it, the kids are more interested in what’s inside the bag and the tag is just a fun extra.

You’ve heard of Superman?  Well, I think My Digital Studio could help make you look like Super Mom!

Create something today,


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