Give and Receive

Why Give and Receive?  When I was in high school, the marching band was a HUGE part of my life!  I loved the whole experience: the other kids, the opportunity to travel; the work towards perfecting what we were doing; the many competitions; and of course the football games.

When my daughter decided to play an instrument (3 really), I was excited for her.  She was part of the high school orchestra and marching band.  I volunteered with the program as my way of paying it forward.  There were parents that helped out in my marching band years so, I decided to do the same.  I can truly say that it was almost as much fun helping as it was being a part of the program.  So many great kids!  So much wonderful music!!  And, the many opportunities for the kids to learn and grow.  The instrumental program at the high school is outstanding and necessary!  As in most places, the arts in schools can use more funding — in this one because it is a Title 1 school.

I want to continue to pay it forward — that’s where Give and Receive come in.

Give and Receive

Give to the Instrumental Music Association at and Receive two handmade cards from me - Sara Levin

I am offering to send you two of my handmade cards simply for making a donation to this worthy program.

Use this LINK

Make a donation in any amount that you choose.

I will send you two handmade cards once I receive notification of the donation.


and then,

Create something today!

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