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  • Waterfront Beach card from

    Waterfront Beach

    Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  While today isn’t hot, it is so much warmer than it has been for a few weeks.  And it’s January.  What does that mean?  It means…

  • Heartfelt Blooms for Fast Friday from

    Heartfelt Blooms Fast Friday Cards

    Hi! Welcome to my blog. Today, I’m getting ready to head to Pittsburgh to spend a couple of days with my daughter. We’re going to “nerd out” and enjoy some good…

  • Perennial Birthday Black White and Red from

    Perennial Birthday in Black White and Red

    Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  Today, I’ve been doing the “dotting i’s and crossing t’s” stuff.  Don’t get me wrong — I love that part too.  I was just saying to…